Anyone running a commercial kitchen knows that keeping ovens sparkling clean and in compliance with strict industry-standards is crucial. Considering the time and effort involved in cleaning ovens, achieving those standards can, however, be a problem. We believe that the ideal solution to this dilemma is to hire a commercial oven cleaning company. Here is why.

Drawbacks of In-House Oven Cleaning

Organising your oven cleaning in-house has several major drawbacks:

Nobody likes cleaning. This is particularly true when it comes to ovens, which can be extremely awkward to get thoroughly cleaned. Delegating this dreaded task to staff members who do not consider it to be a part of their normal job description could lead to all kinds of morale issues. Affecting your kitchen's overall productivity and effectiveness, poor morale could also result in ovens not being cleaned properly.

Time and Effort. Pub and restaurant kitchens are often open virtually all hours. This could mean having to ask staff to come in out-of-hours. Another alternative would be to hire a specific cleaning crew dedicated to the task of cleaning your ovens. Either way, there is no guarantee that the cleaning will be done as thoroughly as it needs to be.

Cost. What's more, getting staff to clean ovens on 'overtime' or hiring an extra crew significantly increases your cost. This is added to by having to invest in suitable oven cleaning products.

Health Risks. Lack of time, experience and equipment may also result in staff resorting to using cleaning products containing potentially harmful chemicals. This, of course, poses a significant risk to their health.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Oven Cleaning Companies

Dedicated to cleaning ovens to perfection, our commercial oven cleaning companies offer their services at competitive rates and at your convenience. Having to think about their reputation, these companies will ensure your ovens are cleaned to the highest possible standard. 

Operating in strict compliance with our Customer Charter, our commercial oven cleaning members also do not use toxic chemicals or any other harmful substances. Equipped with all the necessary tools, fully trained and highly experienced, our members will clean your ovens safely, quickly and without any unnecessary hassle.


Ensuring your ovens meet hygiene standards, our commercial oven cleaning companies save you time, effort and money - while safe-guarding your employees' health. This makes them the most cost-effective; safe and hassle-free solution to your oven cleaning needs possible.

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Posted by Karen Davis Tuesday, April 4, 2017 11:16:00 AM