We are often asked what sets our approved members apart from other, 'independent' oven cleaning companies. Here are our top 3 reasons for choosing our members to clean your oven.

Why You Should opt for TAAOC Members to Clean Your Oven

Firstly, all our members are fully trained in all aspects of oven cleaning, use of necessary tools/equipment and customer service. Provided under our own scheme, this training ensures continuity of high standards across the UK & Ireland.

Secondly, none of our members use potentially harmful, toxic/caustic chemicals to clean your oven. All cleaning materials used are environmentally friendly and will not endanger the health of your family.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, all our members operate in strict adherence to our customer charter, which means they will invariably "...deal with all customers in a professional, lawful and ethical manner, maintaining the highest levels of customer service and after care at all times". See our Customer Charter here.

What this Means to You

While we by no means wish to suggest that non-TAAOC members do not operate in this manner or use harmful cleaning materials, the fact is that some offer higher standards than others. With TAAOC members, on the other hand, you know you will get first class services every time - and non-use of toxic materials is guaranteed. 

To put it in a nutshell, hiring TAAOC members to clean your oven means you can rest safe in the knowledge that your oven will be cleaned to the highest possible standard and without putting your family at risk - at your convenience and at reasonable rates.

Find a Member

Our members operate across the UK and Ireland. You can find a TAAOC oven cleaning company in your area here. Want to know more or can't find a member near you? Get in touch using our contact form - we will be happy to assist and/or answer any question you may have.

Posted by Karen Davis Thursday, August 24, 2017 1:42:00 PM