1. To deal with all customers in a professional, lawful and ethical manner, maintaining the highest levels of customer service and after care at all times.
  2. To assess the work to be carried out and give an accurate estimate of cost before commencing.
  3. To maintain all necessary work skills and knowledge, accepting responsibility for the actions of employees and other appointed representatives.
  4. To leave the customers home clean and tidy.
  5. To deal quickly and efficiently with any issue arising or complaint.
  6. To advise of any technical or cosmetic damage or issues to the appliance.
  7. If a customer is not happy with the cleaning or service they should report the issue firstly to the company with whom they booked to enable them to rectify the problem.  If they are still unsatisfied to contact TAAOC, preferable by email or letter so that a copy of the complaint is available,  TAAOC will then attempt to resolve the problem by liaising with both customer and company.
  8. Customers can contact TAAOC by email at: info@ovencleaning.net
  9. Complaints will result in the company having their membership being re-assessed and where necessary membership will be cancelled after 3 unresolved complaints.
  10. TAAOC constantly seeks to find ways of improving our customer services, buy adding additional services and product as requested by customers, where possible and without detrimental effect to our core service.
  11. TAAOC office stays up to date with all Health & Safety issues and First Aid to ensure customers and the public are safe with our procedures and products.
  12. All members are fully trained under our own training scheme to ensure continuity of standards across the U.K. and Ireland.
  13. All members have full Public Liability insurance.
  14. All members are advised to consider carrying out Police checks on all employees.
  15. No caustic or toxic products are used within the customers home.
  16. Members have access to a members forum and newsletters are provided quarterly to enable sharing of advise, new skills, facilities, services, etc. which will benefit  customers.
  17. We endeavour to provide a service which offers value for money and is of the highest standard possible.
  18. To leave the customer satisfied at all times.